About us and our Team

About us


Guest Relations

At the arrival to Nilaveli Crystal Blue Hotel, you are being welcomed either by the receptionist or the assistant manager with the smiling face. Their duties are to ensure your holiday goes on smoothly and make you happy all the time during your stay by fulfilling all your requirements. Also they are at your service and look for your comfort all the time Therefore you will not have a feeling that you are all alone at the Nilaveli Crystal Blue Hotel.


Restaurant & Kitchen Staff
A holiday is not going to be a holiday without having delicious home-cooked meals and therefore our chefs will definitely add the flavor to your stay at Nilaveli Crystal Blue Hotel with your meals. The delicious foods will be ranging from traditional Sri Lankan Rice and Curry to your Fish Platter served at your disposal with a smile. That itself will be the proof when your plate is on your table.


When we say that we want you to feel like home, that means clean sheets, pillows filled with fluff, clean towels etc..etc...  Definitely you may have an eye on all for details. While you’re out enjoying the scenery, our housekeepers will quietly attending and arranging comforts of your own home to enjoy on your return.



We always let the nature do her own things to the Garden of Nilaveli Crystal Blue Hotel. But even nature needs a little work from time to time. That’s why we have kept a dedicated team at Nilaveli Crystal Blue Hotel for the perfection of picturesque. Our gardeners make all efforts to keep the plants alive by making Nilaveli Crystal Blue Hotel as one of the unique Eco Resort in Sri Lanka.



























Our History



Mr. Anton Wickremeratne President of the Sri Lanka Travel Association, Board of Director UFTAA and PATA was the person, who has startet in 1971 this place. First it was just a bungalow and after a real hotel was buildt with 10 rooms in the first stage and after another 20 rooms was added. From 1983-1999 the property was closed due to war. Only in 2000 the place was reopenend.


In 2002 a big storm had destroyed the roof of the building and 2004 Tsunami did the rest. Again building up everything in 2007 a robbery had taken place and most of the inventory was gone. For the 4th time the hotel had to be renovated. Today the place is recalled from Hotel Garden Inn to Hotel Nilaveli Crystal Blue Hotel and is doing well. People from all over the world are coming to stay at our place.