An almost untouched dream beach just 150 meters away from  our Hotel invites you to an unforgettable stay. Besides experience blue whales, dolphins, culture, diving, snorkeling, bathing, lovely local people and delicious seafood.

Imagine a quiet getaway by the sea far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Feel the soft, warm white sand as you go barefoot in paradise! Delight in the gentle coastal breeze as it sweeps all around you, while the inviting turquoise expanse of the Indian Ocean calls you forward. Enjoy the stunning white sands, water temperature of around 28 degrees and a shallow beach, which is ideal for children.

It is a place of calm and serenity. Welcome to Nilaveli Crystal Blue Hotel!

Nestled on the centre of the beautiful Nilaveli beach on an untouched stretch of white sandy beach, Nilaveli offers you the perfect escape by the sea. Our hotel brings you to a relaxing experience of sun, sand and sea.

Pigeon Island is located only a few minutes away from our Hotel and offers you to

snorkel around the island and experience the beautiful and colourful coral fishes. Also deep sea diving can be a great opportunity to experience the underwater sea world.

Blue Whale in its natural habitat and is something most of us can only dream of. To see more than once in a lifetime would be very rare experience. Get up and see the largest animal on the earth here in our sea area close by.


A highlight is the ancient religious site Tiriyaya with great archaeological values. Tiriyaya is just 32 km away from the hotel. This ancient Buddhist site was built in 6th Century B.C and it is hardly known to others, that in the East Coast of Sri Lanka Buddhist people were living before.


Making us unique amongst other Nilaveli Hotels Nilaveli Crystal Blue Hotel features a charming personal touch. Sit back and enjoy warm Sri Lankan hospitality. Discover our carefree art of living where rest and relaxation are never hard to find.



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